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Tailor-Made Solution


Designing and implementing the right solution on the appropriate architecture that will enable this tailor-made solution to grow with your business requires experience.

F.IT-C will operate as an "Integrator" selecting the appropriate tools such as RDBM Systems, development environment, ... taking care of the delivery of an 'Out-Of-The-Box' solution.

For you as Business requester, it should not matter that the solution was developed for you or bought 'from the shelve'.

Your user experience should be the same !

Our target market for delivering Tailor-Made Solution is rather the 'segment' of the small to medium companies or within larger organisations the fulfillment of departmental demands .

Your application would then be made available to you

  • from an installation on one of your servers

  • in SaaS mode (Software as a Service, available to you anytime from anywhere)



Project Outsourcing

  Through our collaboration with Offshore Partners, we are also in a position to take care - under a project outsourcing framework - of activities such as code conversion/cleansing, application re-hosting,  application maintenance.

As for our other project-based services, we are aiming at delivering our results applying not less than a CMM lvl3 standard. 



Post Implementation Support

  Building an application is one thing, providing post implementation support is another one involving knowledge conservation and knowledge transfert.

Different types of SLA's may be applied to best suit your requirements and expectations.

Further, leveraging today's technologies, our consultants may securily operate directly on your systems.


Products Distribution

  • Oracle and Microsoft rdbms

  • Oracle Data Integration solutions

  • Oracle BI solutions

  • Microsoft Office solutions

We are not only distributing these solutions , we are also in a position to implement or help you implement them within your organisation and provide post implementation support letting your people concentrate on activities directly relating to your core business.



Open Source CRM


In our increasingly competitive world, a successful automation of the Customers but also the 'Prospects' Relation Management processes is getting day after day more important to the success of any organisation's business.

Open Source software in general and Open Source CRM Software in particular have gained market attention being available under GPL mode but also in 'commercial' mode in order to secure its usage in a business (critical) context.

You have the ability to start from a Open Source and grow to a 'commercial' version once your activities around the solution have grown momentum, the functionalities you require extend and its usage is becoming critical to your business.

Installed on your servers or exposed to you in 'SaaS' mode (Software as a Service, available to you anytime from anywhere), F.IT-C can help you

  • choose the version of the solution that fits your needs,

  • understand your growing path along the tool,

  • integrate the information managed in the CRM solution with your other applications,

  • concentrate on your core business while we take care of the 'engine'








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